What do you want to see in your wedding album, let’s say in the next 5, 10, or 20 years? If you are looking for how you felt on your wedding day, how close your relationship was with your parents, or how beautiful your friendship is with your friends, how much fun and epic your wedding was, as some of the top few answers, then I would be so incredibly honored to document your wedding.

I have a strong passion about story telling. I believe that each person’s story is interesting and there is no reason that anyone has to be a different person to be one. Why? Because if you are truly in love and you show that love then it is all that matters. I have a strong curiosity about your life and how your personalities play a role in your wedding.

My interpretation of your wedding is simple: it is all about the real moments, your relationships and how I can translate that into images. Life  goes on but memories are frozen in pictures. This is why I focus on the story of your wedding with the least amount of interruption, to allow your real emotions and feelings to naturally blossom. I want you to love the way you are and really celebrate the most special day in your life.

If you are truly in love and want to have images that are truly YOU, I would love to hear from you!  Let’s have tons of fun!

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