Marta + Ben: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This particular weekend is one of my favorite weekends.  I came back to San Miguel de Allende after about 8-9 years, met two amazing people: Marta + Ben, got to know their very awesome families and friends. Marta and Ben actually met in one of their business meetings and their relationship and fondness for each other grew rapidly from there.  Marta is an amazing woman who at one point volunteered through the Episcopal Church and she was helping building schools in Costa Rica, while Ben shares this passion as well.  Their wedding registry points to the Hogar Escuela, a non-profit organization that focuses on mission trips in Costa Rica.  Upon meeting them for the first time, I immediately felt their chemistry together.  They are both so passionate for each other and they party together (very well, I must say).

This wedding has a simple purpose – to have fun with their family and friends.  This allows me to focus more on the little stories that happen throughout the weekend, which includes the flock of Great Egrets that settle in the trees next to the place that they were staying, the funny moments during their church wedding rehearsal, the fun times at their rehearsal dinner (and the beautiful landscape of San Miguel de Allende).  The wedding day was also very colorful – lots of love, appreciation, heartfelt notes, fun, happiness and nervousness going into the ceremony, followed by a lot of good drinks, good food, and good company. They had the “Callejoneada” which is the wedding street parade, known as a tradition in San Miguel de Allende.  Hey walking around town with the people that you love the most with an endless supply of Tequila and followed by a full mariachi band and a couple of giant puppets can never be bad, right?  Fun is what they were there to find, and that is exactly what they had.

But the best thing that I keep seeing is that Marta + Ben are so madly in love with each other.  Always.

Venue: Casa Chorro

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Marta + Ben

Marta + Ben’s testimonial:

Erwin was by far the greatest surprise of our wedding planning. His aim for accuracy and professionalism not only exceeded our expectations, but I’m pretty sure our entire guest list would like to hire him for any and all upcoming occasions.  I witnessed my friends wanting to follow, help, and be-friend him … not because he needed any assistance whatsoever, rather they were enamored in AWE with his endless & clear communication, flourishing ideas, cool presence and keen eye.  Though I’m sure he would have appreciated some space, he never once cracked or even politely asked attendees to get out of his way. Oh no! Erwin remained quietly focused like a true artist; nothing could deter him from capturing any specific moment in time that he deemed authentic or special.

Because our destination wedding was located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, many of our friends and family were not able to make the trek. Though their absence was missed greatly, I was thrilled Erwin was able to capture and deliver live moments to share with them. Moments I had forgotten, or simply not able to comprehend their greatness at the time due to my overwhelming emotions or constant distraction. As the bride, I felt so nervous as I anxiously awaited every little planned event to execute flawlessly.  In fact, until I saw the pictures I was honestly shocked to see all the joyful moments filled with laughter that Erwin secretly captured.  Every single person replied to our photo album thankful because they felt like they were there.  Now that to me is pure magic.

I could honestly write a ten page dissertation describing my respect for Erwin and his colleague Daniel (whom he hired locally in Mexico) … I just wish him every bit of success he so grateful deserves. I have attended a fair share of weddings from enormous southern soirees to the posh beaches of Palm Beach where I witnessed my girlfriends standing tirelessly posing and holding awkward positions with fake smiling for dated shots of their demanding photographer. I never felt, not one single time, scripted or unnatural. He let us be our goofy selves, and gently guided us to “share our fire that lights up his camera”. I can not sing enough praises for this man, any bride who’s fortunate enough to connect with Erwin should be as absolutely overjoyed as I am. Thank you Erwin, thank you from the bottom of my heart … I never thought in a million years I would have such beautiful captured moments to share for the rest of my life.