Erwin Darmali

Growing up, my father had always taken so many portraits of my brother and I and the whole family.  A few years back, I started digging up the images through the many photo albums that was stored in the house where I grew up in.  From there, I felt the memories of growing up with my brother and parents through the trips that we took, but more in the way of how I looked and the locations.  I felt that something was lacking and it seemed that I was still unsatisfied with the trip down the memory lane.  Then I realized that the normal activities are not there, the life as a family other than trips were not there.  I want to remember the life in the houses that we stayed in as I was growing up, but these were not presented in pictures, sadly.

This is why I am so dedicated in telling my subjects’ stories.  They need to remember the little things, the connections, the love between them.  Whatever the event is, whether it is a wedding, a family documentary, a piece on a business, they all have a story – more importantly, a story to be remembered.  The things that we take for granted will come up to be fond memories years from now.

Photography is truly a passion of mine.  Yes, you have heard this so many times from other photographers, but I really do breathe, speak, and do photography.  I am an award winning wedding and portrait photographer, owner and photography coach under, a mentor under Foundation Workshops, I have a genuine curiosity of people, and I consider myself a student of life.  I guess you can really say that I live for photography 🙂

In my spare time, I often do personal projects to hone my story telling and photography skills to bring up issues that touched my soul.
(see the autism story here)

My passion for photography and story telling supersedes everything in my life currently.  If you believe in the power of real, uninterrupted moments, please contact me now.  I would really love to photograph you.

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