Winter Wonderland Las Vegas Wedding

Beautiful Winter Wonderland Las Vegas Wedding: Geneanne + Glenn loves to party.  They met at a party over 10 years ago and have been partying together ever since.  Their favorite time of the year is Christmas, and Glenn actually proposed as they were decorating their Christmas tree.  Why Las Vegas?  Well that goes back to sentence number one from this post :).  Glenn is also a DJ which is why their engagement session was done at one of the clubs that he frequently deejay-ed at one point, The Avalon in Los Angeles.

So what do party people do at their wedding?  Just simply drinks, fun, and lots of love.  Keeping with the theme of winter wonderland, upon entering their ceremony location in the amazing Cosmopolitan and their reception venue at The Havana Room at the Tropicana, one is transported to a completely different world.  The blue lights with hints of warmer tones drape the room and was beautifully done by Javier Valentino events.

Cool things: Aerial performance, Gigantic confetti release, A caricaturist, Great music (of course), and noodles for late night food after dancing! This wedding is a dream.

Special thanks for Jason Tran for second shooting with me.

See the wedding slideshow HERE

Geneanne’s mom feeling emotional right before giving her a gift of some gorgeous pair of earrings, as the bridal party looks on…

The gorgeous ceremony venue at The Cosmopolitan

The unity beer.  So many of my clients have had some creative ways of doing unity candles without candles.  This one is using a blonde and dark beers, quite a tricky way of doing it so it doesn’t mix before they drink them.  Geneanne drank twice, and Glenn drank once.  I wonder who parties harder? You be the judge.

One of the best cake toppers I’ve seen:

“Evil Julius” looking down at the grand entrance.

Superman. Photo by Jason

In my whole 11 years + of shooting weddings, this is the 2nd time that I have encountered a hanging cake.

Geneanne dancing with her dad – her dad doesn’t really dance, and they only rehearsed once.  When asked about what the things that she remembers fondly about the wedding, her fun and easy dance with her dad is up there in ranking.

Glenn’s mom is different.  Their dance is more quiet, but emotions definitely run deep.

Boom!  The giant confetti blast falls from the ceilings of this amazing venue at Havana Room.


Noodles at the end of the night for to go 🙂

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7 Responses "Winter Wonderland Las Vegas Wedding"

  1. Amy

    February 5, 2017

    So. Gorgeous. I love these so much!

  2. Javier Valentino

    February 5, 2017

    It was such a pleasure working with you and this amazing couple! Great work!

    • Erwin

      February 5, 2017

      Thanks Javier! It was a pleasure working with you as well! Thank you for your attention to details and what an amazing vibe you created.

  3. Geneanne Loreto

    February 5, 2017

    Wow. I literally do not know what to write. This man is the best photographer… EVER. Amazing shots of us and of all my guests. I could not have imagined better wedding photos. I mean, I knew they would be amazing, but I never thought they would be THIS amazing. Thank you so much Erwin for capturing the best day of my life. We had a blast with you and Jason in Vegas. I honestly did not even notice you guys there, which I guess is a good thing! I had no idea you guys were taking these shots and I am so glad you did. Everyone talks about just enjoying the day and not to worry about missing out on things. I felt as though I got to experience what everyone was else was experiencing through this amazing photos. You are truly the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Erwin

      February 5, 2017

      Thanks so much Geneanne! I felt connection to you guys when we first started talking on the phone and everything after was so easy and fun. Thank you so much for all your kind words and your kindness and generosity throughout the process. Love you guys!

  4. Glenn Maniago

    February 8, 2017

    Erwin and Jason, we can’t thank you both enough for the amazing work you guys do. This is exactly how we wanted our wedding pics to look like! You guy’s vision and technique is unparalleled to any other photographer’s work I’ve ever seen. We are so glad to have you both capture our special day. It’s was so fun and easy working with you! All of our friends are in awe on how awesome these pictures turned out! You two are the best! We need to work together again! We’ll just think of another party to throw 😉

    • Erwin

      February 16, 2017

      Thanks so very much Glenn, for your kind words! We had a blast covering your wedding and so happy with the results as well! I will be waiting for your next party or any family documentary projects from you 🙂 Thank you for everything! You guys rock!


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