Intimate Long Beach Wedding: Katrina + Alan

“We’ve known each other since grade school but never really interacted until high school. It was in college where we first started dating. My old nokia phone was “butt dialing” my contacts. Since his name started with an “A” it kept dialing his number. I never actually knew I called him until he rang me the following night. ( In his version, I purposely called him because I wanted to talk. We’ll never agree on this so it’s “he says/she says”.) We talked for hours that night.
He asked me to go to lunch the following day and I said yes. We went to In ‘n’ Out. I told him it wasn’t what i expected. I didn’t think that it would just be “lunch” . I thought we would hang out much longer. Needless to say I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have more time because we had such a great and long conversation the night before. But I didn’t realize he had to go back to work or school. We dated that fall and by the next year we were an item. This was in 2003.
We’ve had many ups and also many downs but our love for each other was always there. Now much stronger than ever. Fourteen years later we are ready to become one.” – Katrina

They are such a good couple.  That last sentence that Katrina said, was a true testament to their relationship.  Love is the willingness to put in the work.
Their wedding was simply intimate, lots of laughters, and some tears of joy.  I am so incredibly honored to be trusted to photograph their engagement session years ago to their wedding this year.

Best of everything, Katrina + Alan!  So happy to have met you guys 🙂

Special thanks to Mallory Olenius for second shooting with me.

How good is it to have your childhood classmate / friend who was just ordained to be a priest marry you?  So good.  They were at ease the whole time.

The gorgeous St. Anthony Church is not only the place where they got married in, but they actually met while attending school there.


Katrina’s mom laughing at her daughter’s silliness

The intimate first dance, as witnessed by the best man and his girlfriend.

The best man’s girlfriend after seeing him getting the garter

Hotel Maya
St. Anthony’s Church
Michael’s on Naples Ristorante


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