Elvis, among other things: Angie + AC wedding

“Since Vegas is where this all began, it has been the underlying theme of our relationship, our engagement and now our wedding. We were so smitten and so sure that we had met “the one,” the summer of 2013, that we said two weeks later that we wanted to “go find Elvis,” so we could just get married right then and there. (Obviously, that didnt happen. lol). Fast forward 3 years, we were vacationing in Bali where AC proposed. He was able to somehow find a Balinese singer who was willing to come to our villa in Ubud, dress up in an Elvis costume that AC had brought all the way from the states, and serenade me “I cant help falling in love with you,” while AC got down on one knee. Although I blacked out for most of what AC was saying, I do remember that he said we had always wanted to find Elvis together, and here he is for us in Bali. I said yes.

The wedding invitations had a classic collector’s edition Elvis stamp, as did our save the dates. Our ring pillow isnt really a pillow… it’s an Elvis doll that we found on ebay and had to buy it because it says, “Las Vegas” presents… the city where it all started. We made our own ring holders so my ring bearer will be coming down the aisle w/ Elvis. Since we thought it might be too much to have our officiant dress up at Elvis (we were talked out of that based on how much we would regret that 20 years from now, lol), we had to have Elvis somewhere present on our special day to marry us.”

~ Angie

I think it is simply beautiful that these two gorgeous people would be so in tune together and remembered about all these little things that brought them together and decided to incorporate them in their wedding – this is what makes weddings different and also tells me that Angie + AC is really aware of the moments that matter to them.  Being in the moment is always a good thing, it allows us to appreciate all the things that has happened in our lives.
It also shows their character and how nostalgic they are when they are together.
Weddings are always about the connecting of dots: of previous experiences, of current relationships, and of the chemistry.  This wedding is super lovely in these terms.

Special thanks to Jason Tran for second shooting with me.

Here are some of my favorite images:

Manly men look even manlier with the Hello Kitty thank you cards from the groom.  Very funny indeed 🙂

Sightings of Elvis is almost everywhere at this wedding 🙂

I love the connection between AC and his dad during the getting ready, photo by Jason Tran.

First look – AC’s holding back the tears of disbelief.  Angie does look amazing in that dress.

Cocktail hour


“Look Ma, I got married!” moment

The reception room looked amazing with the combination of blue, purple, gold and white colors all around, coordinated by the awesome Mele Amore (one of my favorite coordinators I’ve worked with)

I think it’s really adorable how AC pinched Angie’s chin as they danced…

The danceoff is quite epic 🙂

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  1. Norman Rubenis

    March 20, 2017

    These are amazing! Love them so much!!

  2. Jazmin Aguilar

    April 3, 2017

    Seriously can’t get enough of these! The best wedding ever!

  3. Fotograf Nunta

    October 9, 2017

    I love the way you capture the moments!
    Keep up the good work!


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